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Owls and other birds Parish Council Looking for Aliens Shapwick Weather Dora's Poetry Corner Shapwick Starlets WI History Group From the Horse’s Mouth Ashcott Football Club Dovecote School Village Hall Cricket Club Music on the Pitch Jam Today? Allotments! What's On 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 What’s more, the return of the owl or owls reminded us once again just how special and lucky Shapwick Village is to be located at the heart of so many amazing opportunities to enjoy and learn about wildlife, in particular bird life. With that in mind we thought it appropriate to feature some of our star birds. Can you name them? A full colour downloadable map of the remarkable birding and wildlife areas within a few minutes of Shapwick is available at All of these locations provide opportunities to enjoy and learn about wildlife or simply to exercise in wonderful countryside. AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 Call for Volunteers & Contributions In this issue: A U T U M N I S S U E , O C T O B E R 2 0 2 3 B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y T H E S H A P W I C K C O M M U N I T Y G R O U P Shapwick now has its own Village Green! The purchase is now completed. The Parish Council and the Community Group will be working with all interested parties, especially present and future users, to plan and implement the development of the Village Green as Shapwick’s own community resource. See p. 2! This is the time of year when lots of young Tawny owls spread out from their parents’ territory. When this happens, they will naturally encroach on surrounding territories occupied by more mature adults. When the young owlets begin calling, this sparks off a vocal response from the mature birds who already occupy that territory. This vocal warfare can get physical if the owlet doesn’t heed the warning from the adult birds. Sometimes, what you hear is just the call of the owls that already hold the territory. The males As the nights have begun drawing in, many Shapwick residents have been intrigued and enchanted by the owl-hoots from the village’s trees and copses. Does Shapwick have its very own Tawny Owl, or are there several? What do their hoots mean? Chris Sperring of the Somerset Hawk and Owl Trust gives his authoritative explanation below. Owls, owls, owls... and other birds in Shapwick... CHRIS SPERRING give a fairly deep “hooo ho ho hoooo”, and often the females respond with a higher pitched version of the same call or by screeching. To come out on one of my walks to see and hear tawny owls, and other night-time creatures, which I do regularly through the autumn and winter, just let me know. It’s a bit like a walk-in classroom: you’ll learn a lot! Ideally, book as a group, as you’ve got the whole evening to yourselves. Contact me on (07799) 413918. Acknowledgments to RSPB Ham, John Crispin, Rich Tweedy, Sue Sellick, Avalon Marshes & Graham Croucher for photos and text. From left to right: Marsh harrier; Egrets; Bearded tit; Bittern What do those hoots mean? Harvest Supper Saturday 14 October See p.6! Chris Sperring talk, Shapwick Village Hall, 12 October! See p. 4

Children’s Play Area: The plan is to start with an immediate spend from current resources to establish a play area which we can then further develop by winning grant money from organisations such as The National Lottery. To do this we invite parents, grandparents and carers with energy and ideas to contact Councillors Nikki Polden and Paul Rogers to share your thoughts and experiences and if you wish JOIN IN and become involved in the planning and delivery of this project. Contact Paul: or Nikki: Village Allotments: It was agreed that we would facilitate the creation of a “Shapwick Allotment Society” who would then become the tenants of Shapwick Parish Council. Following many years of requests to the Parish Council for the provision of an allotment area in the village it is a fantastic achievement that they are finally on their way. We already have a group of potential allotment holders who will be working with Councillor Steve Campion to deliver the vision. First meeting: Saturday 14 October, 10am, Village Hall! See p. 8!!! The Village Green Wildlife Area: - This is at a very early stage, but offers many opportunities to learn and produce an amazing wildlife result in the heart of Shapwick. If you have knowledge or experience that can help this journey or want to JOIN IN and learn more then please contact 2 AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 Shapwick Parish Council GRAHAM CROUCHER CHAIR OF SHAPWICK PC All Agendas and Minutes are available at: We hope everyone had chance to read the recent special edition of Shapwick News about the successful purchase of the Village Green on behalf of the Shapwick Community. The successful completion of the purchase means that we can now move on from planning and dreaming to delivery of the outcomes from the various recent consultations. Now it is everyone’s opportunity to JOIN IN. At the September Parish Council meeting we started that process with Councillors able to report that we have created some excellent alliances with external experts who will be able to help guide the Parish Council and the wider community through the next stages. Other actions agreed include the removal of about 1/3 of the concrete pad just past the entrance from the Village Hall car-park which is a hazard and beyond economic repair. Thanks to Sam Vigars of SJV Construction, Woolavington, who is generously providing his firm’s services free for this work! Once complete we will be able to encourage the use of the already installed Outdoor Table Tennis table. We are seeking a storage box for table tennis bats and balls to make them available to all. It was agreed to purchase two round 8 seater picnic tables and two park benches. These will be made from recycled plastic milk bottles. Once installed the addition of a plaque to commemorate the recent coronation will be arranged. Councillors also agreed an arrangement whereby Dovecote School will provide grass cutting for the village green at cost. Bearing in mind that the Village Green has been purchased for the benefit of the Shapwick Community, do please JOIN IN, share and expand your knowledge and acqure new skills whilst helping in the development of “Shapwick’s Own Village Green”. They are: Bryony Slaymaker from Somerset Wildlife Trust who was able to suggest comprehensive management plans for each area of the Village Green. Bryony works for their project “Team Wilder”: Scott Mason from Somerset Council. Scott is responsible for 50+ playgrounds across Somerset and will be available to help with our planning and playground equipment purchase processes. Allan Cavill from the National Allotments Society. Allan brings the remarkable experience from being involved in the creation of 70+ allotments across Somerset. The overall plan for the Village Green was described at the meeting and is very much aligned with ideas described in the original “concept plan”: - The central grass area will remain open and available for village events, exercise, ball games and general recreation and will include an area of approximately 400m2 as a children’s play area. The area west of the pathway crossing from the Dovecote School to Bridewell Lane, together with the hedges on Bridewell Lane, will be managed as a “wildlife area”. The area to the south of Bridewell Lane will be broadly split into two with the western part becoming the Shapwick village allotment area and the eastern part an annually cut meadow area with pathways. This design fits with the outcomes of the consultation process and above all provides those resources, without impacting upon the existing general “open feel” of the Village Green, and retaining the existing views of the Church and Dovecote. Parish Council Vacancy: Regrettably Frank Barnard has resigned from the Parish Council and the Parish Council thanks Frank for his service and contribution during the past two years. This means that we now have a vacancy for a Parish Councillor who can be co-opted onto the team. This is an exciting time to become a councillor in Shapwick. All organisations work best when members have a wide diversity of backgrounds and experience and Parish Councils are just the same, so everyone is welcome! if you are interested contact Sue Williams, Parish Clerk, or for more information Graham (Chair) 07484 160913

Looking for Aliens Dora's Poetry Corner 3 AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 RICH TWEEDY DORA WATKINS There are several caveats to the story – not least that the astronomers themselves admit that the evidence is not particularly strong, and may not stand up to scrutiny. The planet itself is a gas giant more like Neptune than a rocky body like Earth, so any life found is likely only to be microbial. But even the detection of nothing more than microbial life would itself be a spectacular discovery. But it’s fun to speculate about life elsewhere in space. You might wonder where God fits into this? Well – if God created the entire universe, it’s up to him where life ends up being formed. The reality of Jesus being the Son of God isn’t dependent upon the presence or absence of life elsewhere in the universe. In Jesus, God has given us plenty for us to get to know him; if God created more life than what’s on Earth, who are we to complain? At Christmas in Shapwick, when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we’ll have our candlelit carol service on Wednesday 13th Dec at 7:30pm, and outdoor carols (weather permitting) on Sunday 24th Dec at 4:00, at the pavilion. Do come – you would be most welcome! Every blessing, Rich Tweedy Aliens have been in the news recently. NASA gave a long-awaited report on UFOs, which concluded that there’s no proof that they come from extraterrestrials – but they can’t rule out the possibility. In the previous week, astronomers made an announcement about an exoplanet – a planet orbiting another star – called K2-18b. Its significance is that it’s one of only a few known to live both in the habitable zone of a star (ie at the right distance from the star to be comfortable for life), and to have detectable water. While observing it, this team claim to have detected the signature of a chemical in the planet’s atmosphere which is believed only to come from life. It’s a tantalising hint that life may exist elsewhere in the universe. Artist’s impression of K2-18b and its star: ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser Willow Haven The willow bends its branches To the rhyne waters beneath A warm breeze rustles through them A soft melody of sound Sun’s bright rays filter through them Dappling the water beneath Many insects skid and scud Over the water beneath Meanwhile under the water It is teeming with life A little willow haven In a moor of tranquility A bright liquid mosaic Moving with wind and water Dragonfly hovers above Then lands on bright foliage Bright gossamer wings shining Tall yellow flag irises Enhancing the summer scene Even taller bullrushes Stand sentinel, watching all Shapwick Weather STUART DENNES If anyone tells you there is no such thing as Climate Change…Here is Shapwick’s rainfall in millimetres over this year and last: Gardeners and farmers will have been glad of the extra rain this year as we have returned to “normal” levels after the drastically low rainfall throughout 2022; but of course, the rain never falls at quite the right time! Regarding temperatures, our highest so far this year was 33.8 recorded last week on September 6th, just beating the 33.5 recorded in the June heatwave. During the August 2022 heatwave I recorded 37.8 when records were tumbling nationally, so I suspect that was probably an all-time record for Shapwick too. I like to hope that record will never be beaten, but we’re living through some strange meteorological times; who would have predicted a February would be the driest month?

4 AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 Shapwick History Group JOHN ANDERSON There was also plenty of tangential information along the way – I was particularly impressed to learn that giant hippos - see the hippo tooth on the right - once roamed free across Somerset. The value of the finds was obvious in most cases, such as the Shapwick Hoard Roman coin collection. The significance of others benefited from further explanation, for example the humble pint-sized wooden axe found near the Sweet Track, thought to be a child’s toy from 3,800 BC. There was much craftsmanship and beauty on display too: the Bronze Age Yeovil Torc, Iron Age glass beads from Meare, intricate Roman scale armour, the Alfred Jewel. We also learned about the technological advances used to unlock further secrets, enabling the identification of food and drink once held in archaeological pottery, and DNA analysis of ancient skeletons. Many of the featured treasures, including the Shapwick Hoard, can be seen at the Museum of Somerset – the group is planning a visit, so feel free to get in touch at or find us on Facebook if you’d like to find out more about this or other future activities. All welcome! Three forthcoming events (all free; a small donation appreciated): Tuesday 10 Oct, meet at the church for 7pm start A Brief History of St.Mary's Church, Shapwick We're delighted that Chris Hargreaves has volunteered to throw some light on the origins and workings of St.Mary's. Chris is a fount of local knowledge, and we suspect he'll reveal more fascinating village history along the way! Thursday 9 November, 7pm, Village Hall Cold War Worriers. How my Uncle Gave Peace to the World… Anthony Lipmann examines the ways in which ordinary individuals expressed themselves in the 1950s in the face of the fear of nuclear war, and how that generation gave birth to the most iconic non-religious symbol in the world. Tuesday 5 December, 7pm,Village Hall 50 Peculiar Historical Artefacts - An interactive quiz with Anne Murch Join us for a festive tipple as we attempt to identify objects from Anne's collection of unusual gizmos and gadgets from times past - a fun and informative evening! Shapwick Starlets WI SUE SELLICK As a volunteer at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill, I know that in 2022, the most seen species was hedgehogs with 667 admissions. So I thought it would be a fun thing to make our own hedgehog houses! And it certainly was! George, the Learning and Education Officer for Secret World gave us a very informative talk, in the Bluebell Barn, on hedgehogs, including the rescue, care and rehabilitation of hedgehogs. He also explained how the charity receives no government funding, so is reliant on the generosity of the public and local businesses. We were provided with packs of pre-cut and shaped wood, screws and screwdrivers with clear instructions and all seven of us did indeed end up with beautifully crafted houses ready to take home! It was a very productive two We also have two special events coming up! Contact us via Shapwick Starlets Facebook page or email hours, a lot of fun, with all of us being hopeful that we would get resident hogs in their purpose built accommodation. With this hot weather we have been experiencing, it is vital that there is fresh drinking water for any hogs in your garden, and when the ground is very dry, there might be a lack of insects, so you can put out meaty dog or cat food. million years in under an hour, exploring our ancestors’ lives and cultures via key historical artefacts. Many of these were discovered on our own doorstep. The group, and friends, gathered at Shapwick Village Hall for a one-off time travelling tour led by Amal Khreisheh, the Curator of Archaeology at South West Heritage Trust. Amal’s ‘Treasures of Somerset’ talk managed to cover some 400 Thursday 12th October in the Village Hall: an evening with Chris Sperring MBE and Alex Learmont from the Hawk and Owl Trust Free but we suggest a donation of £5 p.p. for the Hawk and. Owl Trust at Shapwick Moor please. We will be providing refreshments and as we are hoping there will be lots of interest, please message us to confirm attendance. Christmas Fair!!! Shapwick Village Hall, Saturday 9th December 2.00pm - 4.00pm - to book a table, please email

All the Youth and Adult teams are up and running in their respective leagues. We were hugely disappointed to be unable to find a new coach for our new Under 7’s team despite asking for support on all of our platforms. If anyone has any interest in this please contact I 5 AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 From the Horse’s Mouth TRACEY LOCKYER Many agricultural shows are held through the summer months across the country, giving farmers a chance to exhibit their prime livestock, and I come from a family that have always taken part. My dad Eric Lockyer and his brothers, who were brought up at Kent farm, started showing in their younger years, everything from horses to pigs, cattle and sheep. Dad won many major prizes including the House of Commons Goblet presented by the Right Honourable Tom King, for a champion beast on 14 December 1983 at Bridgwater fatstock show. The preparation starts even earlier, in fact, with breeding excellent stock, then choosing the ones you want. The show days are long having to make sure you are at the showground by 8am and not leaving until after 4pm once the grand parade has taken place. At the summer shows all the animals are exhibited then taken home. Leading up to Christmas, the local markets hold fatstock shows, which Much preparation goes in to get the animals ready, from giving them a shampoo and hair dry to clipping and preparing the animal to be led on a halter. basically means prime animals ready for the butchers to buy. The photos show my butcher's lambs at mid Somerset show; Geoffrey Barnett and Jack with heir champion ewe; Mathew, Sam and Evie Barnett showing at mid Somerset with their Welsh mountain sheep. And finally, my dad, my sister and myself with the trophies dad won for showing in the early 70s. Next year Dovecote school will be showing some of their livestock at local shows! Ashcott FC - season 23-24! COLIN MACPHERSON It has been a tough start for the 1st team having been promoted to County Division 1. A few players have stepped away to focus on family time and we have picked up some long term injuries. We have been delighted with the interest though in our new Under 18’s team. They have had big wins in their first two league games and we hope to see them have a very positive season. We have loads of fixtures on Saturdays and Sundays each week, 1st team fixtures here for any of you that fancy watching some grass roots football and having a beer!!

6 AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 Finding it hard because the photos a bFlack and white? Find a flourition of Shapwick News at: https://www.shapwickparishcounci Dovecote School LEAH ROBERTS As we embark on a brand-new term at Dovecote School, we are thrilled to welcome everyone back for another ambitious academic year, and we have some exciting updates to share. Growing Dovecote Family This year, Dovecote School is buzzing with energy as our student population continues to grow. We are delighted to welcome a new intake of students, bringing our total enrolment to 67. The enthusiasm and diversity they bring to our school community are truly enriching. Alongside our students, our staff family has also expanded. We now have over 75 dedicated staff members committed to providing the best educational experience for our students. We appreciate their hard work and dedication. Four-Legged Friends A new addition to our school this term is a group of four-legged friends! We are excited to introduce our furry companions who will enhance our therapeutic provision and well-being program. These animals will not only bring joy to our students but also provide valuable emotional support and learning opportunities. Upcoming Events We have an exciting program of events lined up for the coming year, and we hope you'll be able to join us: Christmas Market - November 25th, 2023 Kick off the holiday season with our Christmas Market. It's the perfect place to find unique gifts, delicious treats, and festive cheer. Open to external stall holders. Race Night - May 18th, 2024 Place your bets and enjoy a thrilling evening of (horse?) racing. This event promises excitement and entertainment for all. Summer Fair - June 15th, 2024 Following the success of our first Summer Fair, this promises to be a highlight, featuring games, food, entertainment, and much more. A fun-filled day for the whole family! Keep an eye out for updates as these dates approach! Village Hall NERINA SCOTT, BRIDGET DAWES Some may have heard that the Village Hall Committee have been planning changes to the hall; the current kitchen is small and outdated, and can prove particularly challenging for functions. So, the plan is to provide a larger kitchen and reorganised toilet. The result will be space that better serves the needs of the hall. The Committee have been working hard to get funding in support the project. Thanks to a number of generous charitable grants we are at the stage of being able to draw up detailed plans and should soon be in a position to invite tenders. We have lots of improvement to look forward to. If you would like to be involved helping with the running of the hall and the exciting time ahead, or perhaps you have a skill you could offer, please do come along to the village hall events and our meetings to have a chat about joining us. Meanwhile we still need to raise funds for the project and are setting up a funding page. If you would like to make a donation to the project, please speak to Bridget Dawes on 210185. Recently we saw the success of the fourth Breakfast Morning, where many gathered, met friends and enjoyed a 'Full English' (with black pudding!) and a great start to the day. We plan to continue these, so look out for the blackboards and the Village Facebook page. Over the autumn we will also be running fundraising events at the hall including the Harvest Supper, Quiz with Fish & Chips, Wreath Making workshop. Details of these are in What's On. Lastly thank you to those who have joined the Village Hall 100 Club. Winners in June were Sue Scott and Jon Wood, in July Linda Johnson and Steve Williams, and in August Helen Stone and Peter Tucker. There are still numbers available, costing £12 per year per number. so if you would like to join please email As we begin this new term, we are filled with hope and anticipation for the experiences and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, as a community, we will make this academic year memorable and successful. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in our upcoming events or activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact: @Reception @Leah Roberts Village Hall Harvest Supper! Saturday 14 October, 7.30 Traditional 2-course supper. £12.50 per adult. Bar available. Tickets from Nerina 210329 or Bridget 210185

Shapwick and Polden Cricket Club Shapwick and Polden CC Ladies team continues to grow and progress. We have welcomed new members and completed another season in the women's softball league, finishing 4th in our division. We are a team of mixed ages (13 years to 60 years+) with varying abilities. We have a great coach who provides training for all levels of experience whilst making it fun along the way. The social side plays a huge part in our growing team and anybody is welcome to come and give it a try! If you would like more information or join our team please contact Emily on 07894854547 or send an email to AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 7 JON BALL 2023 was a challenging season for the men’s league sides, not least because of the extreme fluctuations in the weather. Thirty-three players featured for the first XI at some point over the season. This spread valuable experience but made consistent success very difficult. Calum Haggett proved himself again as a class above all other players with the bat, hitting 553 league runs at an average of 55.3 and finishing third highest scorer in the league. He hit 110 against Clevedon which was the club’s top individual score. James Hayman, in addition to taking more league wickets than anyone else in the club, also scored 321 runs at an average of 35.7, including 101 against Weston-Super-Mare. For the 2nd XI Dan Rudge was ever present and led the batting with 283 runs. Sam Dukes too showed consistent availability and performance, taking 16 wickets at 19.1. Ollie Broughton showed promise with the ball, taking 11 wickets in his first season. The 3rd XI inevitably bore the brunt of availability issues and fielded 29 players over the season. Russ Edwards led the bowling attack, taking 14 wickets at 23.4. Alistair Barr opened the batting and scored 340 runs including 108 not out against Shaftesbury Road. One of the principal philosophies behind the 3rd team is to introduce young players to adult cricket and this was again achieved with 10 juniors playing in the team over the season. Anthony Veevers, Wayne Spencer, Ben Trotman and Jarrad Cave all made valuable contributions across the teams with bat and ball. Though promotions and relegations are not yet finalised, it looks like all three teams will be playing a Division lower next season. Huge thanks to all those who have assisted with getting our games on this season: Calum Haggett as club coach; the captains; James Hayman and his assistants for keeping the ground in great shape; Ben Richards for new fencing; Jerome for the flowers; Wendy and staff behind the bar; our dedicated scorers; and everyone else who has put so much hard work into an enjoyable year. Not least thanks to Jon Ball our Chairman for the hours he spends on Club business. We look forward to what 2024 will bring on the cricket field! Music on the Pitch 2023 WENDY ANDERSON What can I say about Music on the Pitch on 23 September? Great food and drink, the cocktails and ale bar went down a treat and the music was fantastic. Thank you to all the artists who performed: Rock-it fuel, Last one home, Craig and Alex Priddice, Silverline. Even the rain couldn’t dampen Our Juniors season again had over one hundred both boys and girls enjoying training (and their parents making most of the fare in the pavilion!) We played in competitive leagues for 5 age group teams across Somerset. All at the club would like to thank Pete Ross and all the coaches for their hard work and giving up time to ensure children of the Polden Hills and beyond have access to cricket and our fantastic facility. The Pavilion continues to open every Friday from 6pm during the winter for food and drink: We run Bingo every other week and monthly Quiz and open mic nights. See What’s On on p. 8, and keep an eye on our social media pages for updates. Finally: Music on the Pitch was a great success again! See below! the terrific atmosphere, and it was fantastic to see lots of new faces. A big THANK YOU to everyone involved this year, and onwards and upwards to next year’s Music on the Pitch!

Jam Tomorrow? Jam Today...!raph text What's On in Shapwick, October to December 2023 Call for Volunteers & Contributions We need volunteers! Like to help edit future issues? Please email: Shapwick News is a quarterly publication. For the winter issue, due to publish in January 2024, please submit contributions by no later than 15 December 2023, preferably via email above. Thank you! There is no guarantee that all material submitted will be used - publication is at the Editor's discretion and articles may be amended or condensed. We do not print anonymous contributions but are prepared to include items under a pen name, if so desired, on condition that we are given the name and address of the author(s). Opinions expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of the Editor nor Parish Council. Autumn Issue, October 2023: Published by Shapwick Parish Council, edited by Moray McGowan. Pilates: Tuesdays 9.30-10.30am or 10.30-11.30am; Wednesdays 78pm. Contact: AUTUMN I S SUE | OCTOBER 2 0 2 3 8 Every Sunday: Shapwick Runners' Sunday Run! Meet at the cricket field, set off at 9am. All abilities welcome! Come and join us for a Shapwick Village Pub Night at the village hall on Friday 3rd November. A pre Carnival warm up and social evening with some great friends, tunes and a few beers (or what ever takes your fancy!) Doors open at 7pm We look forward to seeing you all. Jam Team NB: for this night only, the Pavilion Open Mic night joins forces with us in the Village Hall! Dates for your New Diaries Chilli Jam - 27th January 2024 Shapwick Jam - 8th June 2024 Allotments in Shapwick STEVE CAMPION After interest over many years and following an impressive response at the Village Green consultation events, the Parish Council have allocated an area within the Village Green project for allotment plots for villagers. Each plot will be a maximum of 80 square metres and will be available soon. There are a small number of unallocated plots so if you are interested or would like to join the waiting list please contact us at A first meeting will be held at 10am on Saturday 14th October at the Village Hall to form a Shapwick Allotment Group, attended by a representative of the National Allotment Association. First meeting: Saturday 14th October, 10am Village Hall There is a lot going on in Shapwick, so I have organised it in date sequence this time: When? Where? What? Is that better? Let me know! For Pavilion events (Bingo, Quiz Nights, Open Mic), the bar and kitchen are open from 5.30. Friday 6 October, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo. Brief History of St.Mary's Church. See p. 4. Tuesday 10 October, 7pm, Village Hall: Shapwick Starlets WI Starlets WI. See p. 4. Friday 13 October, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo. first meeting! See box above. See p. 6!!! Thursday 19 October, 2-4pm, Village Hall: Community Café Friday 20 October, 8pm, Pavilion: Quiz Night. Friday 27 October, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo. Night. See above! War Worriers. See p.4. Friday 10 November, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo. Tuesday 14 November, 7pm, Village Hall: Shapwick Starlets WI Tuesday 10 October,7pm, meet at the church: History Group: Thursday 12 October, 7pm, Village Hall: Chris Sperring and Alex Learmont, Hawk and Owl Trust, hosted by Shapwick Saturday 14 October, 10am, Village Hall: Allotment Group: Saturday 14 October, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Harvest Supper! Friday 3 November, 7pm, Village Hall: Shapwick Village Pub Thursday 9 November, 7pm, Village Hall: History Group: Cold Friday 17 November, 8pm, Pavilion: Quiz Night. Thursday 23 November, 2-4pm, Pavilion: Community Café Friday 24 November, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo Friday 24 November, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Annual Quiz’n’Chips. Teams up to 6 people. £12.50 per person including Fish & Chips. Bring your own drink. To book please call Nerina 210329 or Bridget 210185 Saturday 25 November, Dovecote School: Christmas Market Friday 1 December, 8pm, Pavilion: Open Mic Saturday 2 December, 2pm, Village Hall: Wreath Making Tuesday 5 December, 7pm, Village Hall: History Group: 50 Peculiar Historical Artefacts - An interactive quiz with Anne Murch Friday 8 December, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo Saturday 9 December, 2-4pm, Village Hall: Starlets Christmas Fair. See p. 4. To book a table, please email Tuesday 12 December, 7pm, Village Hall: Shapwick Starlets WI Wednesday 13 December, 7.30pm, St Mary’s Church: Candlelit Carols Friday 15 December, 8pm, Pavilion: Quiz Night Thursday 21 December, 2-4pm: St Mary’s Church: Community Café Friday 22 December, 7.30, Pavilion: Bingo Sunday 24 December, 4pm, Pavilion: Outdoor Carols (Weather permitting)