Shapwick News Winter 2023

BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE SHAPWICK COMMUNITY GROUP WINTER ISSUE, JANUARY 2023 TRACEY LOCKYER On December 8, Santa arrived in style at Dovecote school to the surprise and delight of the students. With the animals all safely moved, Santa landed by helicopter fromYeovilton, courtesy of RNAS, to hand out presents. He and his elf stayed a good 45 minutes and spoke to all the children. Then on December 18, Santa arrived again! This time he was hostedby the KingWilliamcarnival club on his annual visit to Shapwick. It was a dampnight, but the spirit was undampened. Thank you to everyone for making the effort to support him! Andthis year again Santa popped up on the bench in Church Close too! So as another busy year ends, wewish a happy and a healthy 2023 to you all! SHAPWICK CAN "OWN ITS OWN VILLAGE GREEN"! GRAHAM CROUCHER, CHAIR OF SHAPWICK PC Shapwick is a wonderful place to live but it has no publicly owned space such as a "Village Green". Allof that couldbe about to change! Renewed discussions have taken place with the Vestey Trust about the purchase of the land behind the village hall. While the Trust's rules do not permit a gift, the Trust have now indicated that they are willing to *To meet the terms of one major grant provider we need to demonstratewe have raised funds fromwithin the community. If you are able to help, andwould bewilling to make a donation, please contact the Parish Council as soon as possible (email, call Graham on 07484160913, or speak to any of your councillors. The project will be divided into two phases: - Phase 1: - Purchase of the freehold of the land, by the Parish Council, to be held in perpetuity for the benefit of the Shapwick Community. It is hoped that the land could be purchased by June 2023. Phase 2: - The development of amenities for the benefit of the community such as a Children's dispose of the land to the Parish Council. This will be Playground and allotments. In this issue: A Santa-full village... Our own Village Green! Parish Council and Community Group Shapwick Starlets WI Beyond the Wrapping Shapwick Weather Dora's Poetry Corner Bunny Hop! A Widow's Tale Autumn Litterpick Village Hall events Affordable Housing? Dog Waste Bin! 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 the final opportunity for the Parish Council to bring this 20+ year saga to a successful conclusion, secure a Village Green for the future, and remove the risk that ownership might pass to third parties. Do you know Shapwick? 6 We are now investigating how to obtain the funds for the purchase. The sources of funds are likely to be: - 1) Grants from various funding bodies 2) Parish Council Reserves 3) Community donations* and Crowd-Funding for Phase 2 below Shapwick History Group 7 Community Cafe 7 Sustainable Shapwick 7 We are optimistic that we can achieve Phase 1 Ashcott Football Club 8 with Grants and Parish Council Reserves. What's On 8 However in order to complete our applications Call forVolunteers & 8 we need to demonstrate community support for Contributions ------------ the project. So if you want to help Shapwick "OWN ITS OWN VILLAGEGREEN" do please go online at and respond to the question there. WINTER ISSUE I JANUARY 2023